Built environment manger contest

Datum: 20.01.2020 Kategorie: Citizens

Five school smart teams competed in the competition Built environment manger contest, organized by the City of Písek as part of a project funded by the Ministry of Environment. The competition was organized by Smart Písek. The contest culminated on December 10 in the City Library Písek with final presentations and awards.

"Built environment manger is an up-to-date professional topic and children have had the opportunity to get acquainted with it. However, the main purpose of the competition is to involve primary school pupils in the city's activities in the field of environmental improvement, ”says Jiří Tencar from the organizational unit Smart Písek

CO2 concentration is a key indicator of indoor environment quality. It was the values of this greenhouse gas in the classrooms that pupils continuously measured during the competition. They then processed their findings into proposals to improve the built environment of their school. The main challenge for the smart teams was to keep their carbon dioxide levels at the recommended level and to suggest ways in which their school's built management could be carried out.

“All teams deserve the award, it is clear from the presentations and from the information provided by the teachers that the children were interested in the topic and they took on their task with dedication. We were surprised by the quality of some teams' designs, ”adds Miloš Prokýšek from Smart Písek.

The six-member jury evaluated the competitors according to predetermined criteria: observance of CO2 levels in the monitored classrooms, suitability of the designs for the school building, efficiency of the designs, arguments used and presentation. The best manager of the indoor environment was the smart team from the elementary school Tomáš Šobr, who during the measurement revealed, among other things, the insufficient setting of the heat recovery unit in the new school premises. The winner was closely followed by a smart team from elementary school T. G. Masaryk, whose representatives presented very good proposals of measures and showed excellent arguments.