Datum: 20.01.2020 Kategorie: Energy & Environment

The Sustainable Energy (and Climate) Action Plan (SE(C)AP) is a key document showing how the Covenant of Mayors signator will achieve its commitment by 2030. It uses the results of the Baseline Emissions Balance sheet to identify the most appropriate areas of action and opportunities to achieve local CO2 reduction targets.

It sets out concrete reduction measures, together with a timeframe and allocated responsibilities that translate the long-term strategy into practice. The signatories undertake to submit their SEAP within one year of their accession to the Covenant. The SEAP should not be considered as a fixed and fixed document, as circumstances change and ongoing actions bring results and experience, and it may be useful or necessary to update the plan regularly. Keep in mind that opportunities for commitment to reduce emissions arise in any new development project to be approved by the local authority. The consequences of not using such an option can be significant and will last for a long time. This means that energy efficiency and emission reduction considerations should be taken into account for all new projects, even if the SEAP has not yet been finalized or approved. In the case of Písek, this document is extended to include climate issues.


  • Baseline Emissions Inventory
    Analysis of the current state (based on BEI) for the entire cadastral area of the town of Písek.
    Analysis of the sectors that the Statutory City can influence by its activities, as well as the complementary sectors that have a significant impact on the production of CO2 emissions in the City.
    Assessment of emissions from all fuel and energy consumption in the monitored area, electricity imported into the city, heat from CHP sources consumed in sectors relevant to SECAP sectors (according to IPCC methodology).
    Action Plan by 2030.