Smart Písek

The idea behind the Smart Písek concept is to make everyday life in the city easier, cleaner, and more comfortable with the use of smart solutions.

About Smart City

Smart cities spare time and the environment of their citizens.
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About Smart Písek

Smart Písek as clean, safe, open, and modern city.        
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About Smart Písek office

Smart city needs conceptual management and long-term work.
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Smart City Písek - solutions

Modern technologies help to improve the quality of life of the city's inhabitans as well as its environment. 



Hlava v Písku

The Smart Písek office has already prepared the second annual weekly event called "Hlava v Písku" for the beginning of October. >


European Climat Pact

The city of Písek has joined a pilot project, aimed at bringing environmental and sustainability issues closer to the citizens of the city. Together with Setúbal in Portugal and Łódź in Poland, we will cooperate and share our experience in this field. >


Do It! (Podnikni to!) II.

For the second time, Smart Písek, in collaboration with the Do It! project, is offering a free course to its inhabitants. It's for those who have a company idea but don't know how to put it into action, for entrepreneurs searching for new inspiration and security while launching new products, and for people who are interested in business but don't have a specific idea. >