Smart Písek

The aim of the Smart Písek concept is to make everyday life in our city easier, more comfortable and cleaner through smart solutions

Písek – “Always one step ahead”

Looking at the city in 2018, there needs to be a baseline to look at what the vital characteristics of the city are, so that the goals we are heading to are in line with current situation.

  • Písek is largest regional owner of forests
  • Low pollution rates
  • Decreasing energy demand
  • Large part of local GDP created by tourism
  • Innovative local government, university in the city, technological centre in Písek is a global player in cloud technologies
  • Processing industry being major economic force, FDI are on a rise, growing industrial zone
  • Good connection to local economic centres – Bavaria, Prague, Oberösterreich/Niederösterreich
  • Stabile population numbers (low migration, low growth of elderly)

Although the Czech Republic signed an agreement between the EU and the Czech Republic on the financial resources of the EU for the years 2014-2020 to the Smart City concept, Písek was one of the few cities in the Czech Republic, with its ideological document The Blue-yellow Book Smart Písek, approved by the city council in 2015 processed material about truly conceptual fulfilment of Smart City targets. Thanks to this, Písek became a pilot concept of Smart City based on the signing of a contract between the Ministry of the Environment and city management. The Smart Písek concept will enable city citizens to benefit from the introduction of sophisticated, state-of-the-art technologies that complement each other systematically and overlook one industry (transport, energy, environment, etc.). Under the EU's understanding, the Smart Sand concept is based on three pillars: sustainable urban mobility, intelligent buildings and neighbourhoods, integrated infrastructures and processes in energy, ICT and transport. Emphasis is placed on citizen involvement and the search for new funding models. Relevant documents for development of Písek in years to come are as follows:

  • Strategic plan of the City of Písek until 2025
  • Urban development plan
  • Blue-Yellow book of Smart Písek
  • Central heating strategy of Písek
  • Waste management plan
  • Long-term strategy of social care development in districts of municipality with extended competence Písek until 2030

Many of the city projects builds on cooperation with industry and universities. The main partners of Smart Písek are Schneider electric CZ, E.ON Czech Republic, E.ON Energie and Technology Center Písek, for the academic workplace of CTU Prague, Faculty of Transportation Engineering. Písek also signed memoranda for cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry for Regional Development.