Smart Písek

The idea behind the Smart Písek concept is to make everyday life in the city easier, cleaner, and more comfortable with the use of smart solutions.

About Smart City

Smart cities spare time and the environment of their citizens.
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About Smart Písek

Smart Písek as clean, safe, open, and modern city.        
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About Smart Písek office

Smart city needs conceptual management and long-term work.
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Smart City Písek - solutions

Modern technologies help to improve the quality of life of the city's inhabitans as well as its environment. 



Visiting our partner city Võru

At the beginning of September, our team went to the partner city of Võru as part of the +CityxChange project, in which Písek is involved. Võru is a city located in southeastern Estonia by Lake Tamula and belongs to the Võrumaa region. This picturesque town has approximately ten thousand inhabitants. >



The Monitoring Committee of the URBACT IV program approved on 31 May 2023 30 City Action Planning Networks involving 252 individual partners from 28 European countries! And Písek is one of them. >