Smart Pisek

The vision of Smart Písek is to help the city of Písek to be a sustainable and resilient city.

About Smart City in the Czech Republic

Although the Czech Republic subscribed to the Smart City concept in the agreement between the EU and the Czech Republic on EU financial resources for 2014-2020, Písek was one of the few cities with its idea document, the Blue-Yellow Book Smart Písek, approved by the city council in 2015. processed material on truly conceptual fulfillment of Smart City goals. Thanks to this, Písek became a pilot concept of Smart City among medium-sized cities based on the signing of an agreement between the Ministry of the Environment and the city management.

The Smart Písek concept will enable the citizens of the city to benefit from the introduction of sophisticated modern technologies that systematically complement each other and go beyond the perspective of one field (transport, energy, environment, etc.). According to the EU, the Smart Písek concept is based on three pillars: sustainable urban mobility, smart buildings, and neighborhoods, integrated infrastructures and processes in energy, ICT, and transport. The emphasis is on citizen involvement and the search for new funding models.

The city is establishing cooperation with industry and universities on specific projects. The main partners of the Smart Písek concept are Schneider electric CZ, E.ON Czech Republic, E.ON Energie, and the Písek Technology Center, for the academic workplaces of the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Transportation. The city of Písek has also signed memoranda of cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Regional Development. This will help further develop the Smart Písek concept, especially in project preparation and processing, information sharing, and marketing campaigns.

About Smart Písek office

In order for the city of Písek to maintain its position as a "smart" leader among medium-sized Czech cities, the Smart Písek organizational unit was founded on 1 February 2017. The scope of its work is to aggregate smart city activities and to come up with system concepts that will set priorities within the areas defined by the Blue-Yellow Book and on the basis of them propose projects suitable for implementation. A similar workplace is still relatively unique within Czech cities of comparable size. The agenda of the Smart Office has been the responsibility of the Deputy Mayor of Písek, Ing. arch. Petra Trambová.