Bikesharing pilot

Datum: 20.01.2020 Kategorie: Mobility

From the beginning of the holidays it was possible to use the service of shared bikes in Písek. The five-month test operation of 60 bicycles was found by REKOLA Bikesharing for CZK 835 000 with VAT.

“The service has been in demand since the first days when the easily recognizable pink bicycles appeared in Písek,” says the city's cycling coordinator Petr Jelínek. “They can be rented via the mobile application for up to 24 hours a day. Usually, however, people use them more to shorten the journey and save time while moving around the city. ”

Problems are not avoided. These are, for example, breakdowns and theft, which resulted in the full number of bikes not being available for several days. "Some wheels seem to have been stolen, and on eighteen bicycles we were eliminating faults and defects," says Lubomír Fridrich from REKOLA. “At present, the service work is already finished and the wheels are in full operation again. Six spare wheels with a three-speed derailleur were delivered to Písek as compensation for the recent condition, ”adds Deputy Mayor Petr Hladík.

Another problem is to shut down shared bikes at inappropriate locations. “I would appeal to cyclists who use the service to think more about where they park their bikes. It is not possible to bind them to traffic signs, crash barriers and to block pavements in any way and endanger road traffic. We have repeatedly had to deal with situations where the parked bikes also interfered with the entrances and entrances to the buildings, ”recalls Martin Opava from the Písek Municipal Police.

According to Petr Hladík, the current testing operation also serves to "catch up" similar problems. “First of all, we want to see if there will be enough interest in the service. The data will also help us determine where it would be appropriate to install new bike stands or where and how to focus on other cycling infrastructure. Support for this kind of mobility is part of the strategic development plan of the city. ”

According to previously known data, in July the shared bikes on the streets of Písek started on average eighty-eight times a day. In total there were 2,500 loans for 491 hours.