Hlava v Písku 2023

"Hlava v Písku" will once again take you to interesting places.

Official registration for Hlava v Písek begins! Smart Písek is organizing the 3rd year of this event this year. This year too, the program will be really rich and will take you to interesting places. The event will now offer, for example, a guided tour of the Sladovna on the theme of malting, a tour of the town area or, as is traditional, a drive through the Písecké mountains. Hlava v Písek takes place from Monday 25 to Friday 29 September. The intention of the event is to show the inhabitants of the city places that are not accessible under normal circumstances. Just get to know the city from a different side, as Hlava v Písek has in the slogan on the poster for the event. You can register at smart.pisek.eu, where you can find more information. You can also follow the Facebook page of Smart Písek and the posters that are put up in the city, either in paper form or in digital form in info kiosks.

There is a limited number of places for events where the bus is dispatched, so do not hesitate and sign up as soon as possible (meeting is always 15 minutes before the start of the event at the Exhibition Center near Elim). There is a capacity of 25 places for a guided tour of the malt house. Every event is always followed by feedback so that it can be evaluated where the citizens would like to see next year or what they are missing here in the city. And BEWARE! There is no confirmation email for registration. When you sign up for the event, we automatically count on you.

The events overlap, so it is impossible to do everything in one day. For example, a ride in the Písecké Mountains takes about 2-3 hours, so you won't be able to attend the subsequent lecture by Mr. Barton if you take the ride. It is ideal to sign up for one activity each day. We look forward to you!